Monday, July 24, 2017

Turn the table upside down

Have you ever felt you have a lot to say and at the same time you don't know what to say?! 
Have you ever believed that 140 characters are too little to express and yet you write half a sentence and erase it over and over again because you don't know how to start?! 
Have you ever thought of tons of thoughts and when you decide to speak out loud all these words start falling apart and got mixed up together?! 
Well it happened to me ... a lot ... and all i do... is I don't know what to do at all! 
Now if you think i have the answers to these  thoughts ... i already said I don't.
The truth is... there is an answer. 
Each and every single one of us has got his own answer to his own dilemma. 
If you did not find the answer right away it does not mean it doesn't exist. The answer is in each one's mind or subconscious and it does not reveal itself until it is forced to. 
Now that l spoke about force, it's because no one can challenge himself, his perfection or his fears unless he is trapped by a certain force. The force of a thousand thoughts at once, the force of an uncomfortable situation or the force of taking responsibility or action. 
The answer will come from within, the words will run in front of your tung or your fingers will do the talking. Just like when you have an exam and time is running out fast and you need to freeze every single minute so you have advantage on time and be more prepared and ready when the bell rings knowing that the due can never be rescheduled and you have to face it either you are ready or not. 

Now let's turn the table upside down and evoke these uncomfortable forces at the moment we need them most to exist, not just wait them to happen. Do not fear to create them so they challenge our disturbed thoughts and pressure each one of us to stand up and speak out his mind and find his own way out!